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Aired on: Mon Jun 08 2009 Edit

While investigating the homicide of an entire family, the team once again finds themselves entangled in an FBI case. They also find themselves distracted by an unusually surly Provenza. Edit


Kyra Sedgwick, Tony Denison, Jon Tenney, Raymond Cruz, Gina Ravera, Michael Paul Chan, J.K. Simmons, Robert Gossett, G.W. Bailey, Corey Reynolds, Phillip P. Keene, Jonathan Del Arco, Mary McDonnell

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Vilma Rivera
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Mathieu Vanbel
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The Closer


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almost 2 yearsReply
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The Closer

“Th Closer. 5x01. Pruebas descubiertas”

Levi Boldock
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The Closer

“Brenda's ability to connect dots was over the top in this one”

Rebecca De Winter

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