Return of the Spider Slayers (2) Edit

Aired on: Sat Feb 11 1995 Edit

With Spencer Smythe dead, his son Alistair turns to the Kingpin to help seek his revenge on Spider-Man and others he deems responsible for his father's death. He captures, Eddie Brock, J. Jonah Jameson, Norman... Read More


Christopher Daniel Barnes, Edward Asner, Gary Imhoff, Jennifer Hale, Linda Gary, Rodney Saulsberry, Sara Ballantine Creator: Steve Ditko, Stan Lee

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Cody Campbell
Spider-Man (1994)

“Return of the Spider Slayers”

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Luisfra Robles
Spider-Man (1994)

“Watched on XBMC - Gomiso plugin”

Juan José V.
Spider-Man (1994)


John Cohen
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Nick Karels
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Spider-Man (1994)

“Still boring.”

Jordan Owens
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Yago Ballarini
Matt Urbaer
Charlie Bonilla
Spider-Man (1994)

“holy shit spider slayers again”

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Spider-Man (1994)

“sambil makan siang, nonton dulu”

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