Aired on: Fri Mar 26 2010 Edit

Numerius is honored with an exhibition match for his birthday celebration at the ludus. Ilithyia gives Numerius a surprising gift, but asks for something in return. Edit


Andy Whitfield, John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett, Peter Mensah, Jai Courtney, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Nick E. Tarabay, Viva Bianca, Craig Parker, Erin Cummings, Antonio Te Maioho, Eka Darville, Craig Walsh... Read More

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Maria Sechi
about 1 monthReply
Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maledetta...............”

Luz R.
Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“AAAAAAAAH Malditos mil veces, lo hicieron matar a Varro. :'(

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“Fiumi di lacrime c____c”

Spartacus: Blood and Sand


Faye Valentina
Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“Watched on XBMC - Gomiso plugin”

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“Varro why? t.t
visto che mi perdo il gran finale su Cielo, avviciniamoci almeno alla prima season finale.”

Sabrina Magno
Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“-.- temevo che sarebbe successo prima o poi, ma non così...maledetto bambinetto stupido”

Rafael Vargas
Tim McVicious

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