Up, Horny, Down Edit

Aired on: Mon Jun 27 2011 Edit

The team attend a major road traffic collision where Stuart takes the radical decision to give an open-heart massage to jump-start a woman's heart. Back at A&E the lads feel the effects of the shock and... Read More


Rhys Thomas, Richard Madden, Kayvan Novak, Amy Beth Hayes.

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Sirens (2011)

“much better than the US version :D Love this one :D”

Sam Briones Kloss
3 monthsReply
Maria Rita Pellegrino
Cinzia Testi
Manny Lacayo
Sirens (2011)

“Up, Horny, Down”

peter pataki
Sirens (2011)

“the king in the north is... gay?”

10 monthsReply
Sirens (2011)

“se vai mal vou-na ver a Channel4 ”

Barbara Geromel
Alessia Caronna
Morgana Uallander
Sirens (2011)

“Nuova miniserie iniziata, come se non avessi abbastanza cose in ballo. Richard Madden con una bella collezione di maglioncini e capelli praticamente rossi. Ah, inglesi.”

Sison zzz
about 1 yearReply
Sirens (2011)

“Pues ayer empecé a verla por recomendación de Clara, y lo cierto es que me está gustando :D
Stuart es muy House style (pero más suavizado), y me mola su personaje. Además, Richad Madden añlsdfjasñlfkajsñldfjGAYapsdfñlajskdf XDDD”

Marcos Medina
about 1 yearReply
Sirens (2011)

“Richard haciendo de Gay es lo mejor que puede pasar en esta vida.”

Nikola Leon William-Tesla

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