One Crystal Short of a Geode Edit

Aired on: Thu Aug 16 2012 Edit

'Big Rig' driver, Marc Springer, gets more than he bargained for when he comes toe to toe with an irate customer. "Rookie" Jarrett manages to barely pass a customer inspection after delivering two unique... Read More


Marc Springer, Jennifer Brennan, Jarrett Joyce, Roy Garber, Scott and Suzanne Bawcom, Matt Chasen

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Ian Croft
Matt Update
Shipping Wars

“Season 2. Episode 8. Bunker and Indy Car. ”

Kontyi Krisztian
Jesus Martin
Shipping Wars

“I'm watching... Shipping Wars : One Crystal Short of a Geode

Shipping Wars

“#ShippingWars - Marc has some patience...I guess it is more about being a decent human being, although I would have liked to have seen Roy deal with that guy!”

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