Aren't you gonna fight? / Aren't you in trouble? / Aren't you in more trouble? Edit

Aired on: Mon Dec 20 2010 Edit

A beach volleyball tournament is held with a 3D television as top prize and Ika and Eiko decide to team up, managing to reach the finals against Gorō's team. When Eiko twists her ankle during the match point,... Read More


Hisako Kanemoto, Ayumi Fujimura, Rie Tanaka

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Just a zombie
Shinryaku! Ika Musume

“Buena serie de comedia degeso”

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

“Y ahora liderando la Leaderboard, me la termino-de geso!”

Gustavo Rangel
Shinryaku! Ika Musume

“El último de la 1a. temporada *manly tear*”

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