Playing it Straight - Series 2 Edit

Aired on: Mon Jan 09 2012 Edit

Eleven boys and one girl arrive in Spain to participate in what they think is a show called 'Dream Date'. However, host Jameela Jamil soon shocks some of the participants with the revelation that they are... Read More


Series 1 - Presented by June Sarpong and narrated by Alan Cumming. Participants are Zoe as the girl with Alex, Ben, Brian Bracok, Daniel Blondie, Danny, Demetrius, George, Jonny, Marco, Peter, Pretesh, Raphael... Read More

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Erin Dvornicich
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Playing It Straight (UK)

“Don't judge a book by its hair.”

craig walters
Playing It Straight (UK)


Playing It Straight (UK)

“Soooo wrong”

Mark Lowe
Playing It Straight (UK)

“catching up!!”

Michael Callachan

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