Nurse Jackie

  • ...Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test

    ...Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 12 - Aired 06/20/2011

    Jackie tries to avoid an HR demand for a urine sample, and her husband, who seems to have found out about her affair with Eddie.

  • Batting Practice

    Batting Practice Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 11 - Aired 06/13/2011

    Jackie tries to stay sober and get through probation until Dr. O'Hara has a tempting offer for her. Eddie believes Kevin found out about the affair. Zoey throws a party for her colleagues.

  • Fuck the Lemurs

    Fuck the Lemurs Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 10 - Aired 06/06/2011

    Following HR's inquiry into the missing drugs, Mrs. Akalitus puts Jackie on probation. Coop plans his wedding. Jackie's daughter Grace wants medication for her anxiety disorder.

  • Have You Met Ms. Jones?

    Have You Met Ms. Jones? Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 9 - Aired 05/23/2011

    Just when Jackie has run out of pills, she runs into a confrontation about the drugs from Oncology that disappeared. Coop tracks down an old girlfriend on Facebook when he decides to start his own family. Heart problems make Zoey revisit her relationship with Lenny.

  • The Astonishing

    The Astonishing Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 8 - Aired 05/16/2011

    Jackie accuses Kelly of being inappropriate with two flirty high school girls; Coop begins to let go of childish things; Thor counsels Akalitus on her new phone system and some deeper matters; Jackie is unexpectedly delayed getting to Grace's pageant.

  • Orchids and Salami

    Orchids and Salami Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 7 - Aired 05/09/2011

    Kelly wins over the All Saints staff; Kevin finds pills in a dental floss dispenser; a patient soothes Coop's depression; Jackie pockets drugs.

  • When the Saints Go

    When the Saints Go Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 6 - Aired 05/02/2011

    Mrs. Akalitus is in a holy uproar as workers from the archdiocese remove her religious statues. Meanwhile, a new temp nurse makes his presence known in the ER, and some people don't appreciate it; Coop deals with personal, professional and podiatric problems; and Jackie tries to deal with Kevin playing matchmaker between Eddie and his sister.

  • Rat Falls

    Rat Falls Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 5 - Aired 04/25/2011

    Jackie runs out of drugs and Dr. Cooper decides to compete with Dr. O'Hara for the E.R. chief position.

  • Mitten

    Mitten Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 4 - Aired 04/18/2011

    Jackie finds a new hiding place for her pills and buries the hatchet with O'Hara, who becomes ER chief. Zoey works her first double shift. Kevin invites Eddie to a backyard barbecue. Jackie must tell more lies to retrieve her misplaced stash.

  • Play Me

    Play Me Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 3 - Aired 04/11/2011

    Kevin's younger sister Tunie visits after a breakup with her boyfriend. Lenny prepares a surprise romantic picnic for Zoey. Two street vendors are brought in after a turf war turns violent. Akalitus fights Catholic bureaucrats over the hospital's chapel.

  • Enough Rope

    Enough Rope Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 2 - Aired 04/04/2011

    Eddie tells Jackie that he now considers Kevin a real friend and can no longer lie to him. Jackie is remorseful when she learns that O'Hara is looking for a new employer. Akalitus announces that All Saints may get a visit from the First Lady.

  • Game On

    Game On Edit this episode

    Season 3, Episode 1 - Aired 03/28/2011

    Jackie's marriage and her relationship with O'Hara after the intervention is strained. Nearby hospitals have closed down, straining the staff and resources. Zoey publicly confesses her affair with Lenny.