• Air Plane Hour

    Air Plane Hour Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 25 - Aired 12/12/2007

    Can an average joe land a 747 plane with no training and experience? Can a plane take off on a conveyer belt moving in the opposite direction? And lots of Skydiving Myths!

  • Confederate Steam Gun

    Confederate Steam Gun Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 24 - Aired 12/05/2007

    Jamie and Adam take on a mythical confederate weapon: a steam-powered machine gun rumored to fire 400 rounds a minute at a 300-yard range. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory put their lying skills on the line to test mythical ways to beat a lie detector.

  • Pirates 2

    Pirates 2 Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 23 - Aired 11/28/2007

    In this piratical sequel, the MythBusters once again plunder and pillage for maritime myth, testing two Pirates of the Caribbean movie-inspired myths and the curse of a Sand Neck Tie.

  • Shooting Fish in a Barrel

    Shooting Fish in a Barrel Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 22 - Aired 11/21/2007

    Is shooting fish in a barrel really as easy as the proverb says? What is the most effective cure for pain caused by hot chili peppers? Are elephants really afraid of mice?

  • Super Sized Myths!

    Super Sized Myths! Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 21 - Aired 11/14/2007

    A 2 Hour Special where Adam and Jamie return to the JATO rocket car to try and make if fly, find out whether great white sharks are attracted to low frequencies and afraid of dolphins. Meanwhile, Tori, Grant, and Kari use a real 747 to try and blow a car, bus, and single-engine plane off the road. Also Tori tries to wakeboard behind a cruise ship, the biggest episode to date!

  • Exploding Water Heater

    Exploding Water Heater Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 20 - Aired 11/07/2007

    Can a water heater explode like a rocket and shoot through the roof of a house? If a person is being dragged by a horse, can the friction caused by the movement make their jeans catch on fire? Can shrinking jeans while wearing them in a hot bath for six hours kill you?

  • Trail Blazers

    Trail Blazers Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 19 - Aired 10/31/2007

    Can you light a trail of gas from the leaking tank of a moving vehicle and have the vehicle explode? Can you outrun a trail of burning gunpowder before it reaches a barrel of gunpowder? Can you be burned by a defibrillator if you are wearing an underwire bra or have a nipple ring?

  • Myth Evolution!

    Myth Evolution! Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 18 - Aired 09/05/2007

    Can you beat the speed camera? Can a ninja deflect a bullet with their palm? Can a person breathe from a car tire underwater? Will an RFID chip explode in a MRI scanner?

  • Superhero Hour

    Superhero Hour Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 17 - Aired 08/29/2007

    Can you climb a building with a motorized grappling hook? If you punch someone while wearing a ring, will you make a ring-shaped imprint? Can you change in a phone booth? Can you rig a grappling hook on to a car, shoot it at a steel structure, and use it to swing around a 90 degree corner?

  • Red Flag to a Bull

    Red Flag to a Bull Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 16 - Aired 08/22/2007

    Are bulls really aggravated by the color red? Can ammunition stored in the oven be lethal? Can bullets thrown in a campfire kill you? Do bulls in a china shop act like "bulls in a china shop?"

  • Viewer Special

    Viewer Special Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 15 - Aired 08/15/2007

    Viewers’ favorite myths are put to the test. If you sneeze with your eyes open, will your eyeballs pop out of your head? Can you stop a car by putting it in reverse? Will a tennis ball unlock a car door? Also, Jamie and Adam reunite with Alan Normandy to test whether you can kill someone by loading your rifle with cigarette butts. And finally, a young boy asked the MythBusters to take care of the family station wagon. Retired FBI agent Frank Doyle and friends lend their support…and munitions.

  • Baseball Myths

    Baseball Myths Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 14 - Aired 08/08/2007

    Can a baseball be hit hard enough to remove the covering? Can dry balls be hit farther than humid ones? Is sliding over the base really faster than running it? Can balls be hit further with a corked bat?

  • Snow Special

    Snow Special Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 13 - Aired 06/20/2007

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It's all about pure powder and the MythBusters team is ready to tear up those classic movie myths on everything snow.

  • Grenades and Guts

    Grenades and Guts Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 12 - Aired 06/13/2007

    Jamie and Adam investigate the cliché that a quick thinking action hero can protect his fellow cast members from a grenade blast. Meanwhile, in Diet Coke and Mentos — Exploding Stomach, our intrepid trio test an internet video with an outrageous claim.

  • Big Rig Myths

    Big Rig Myths Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 11 - Aired 06/06/2007

    Can an exploding Truck Tire Kill? And Another Fuel efficiency myth, will drafting reduce drag? Is it possible for a car to go inside a truck while it's still in motion?

  • Western Myths

    Western Myths Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 10 - Aired 05/30/2007

    Adam and Jamie saddle up for some western myths. But that's not all — Kari, Tory and Grant test the modern marvel of airbags. You've got it all: past and present; horses and cars; guns and explosions.

  • Walking On Water

    Walking On Water Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 9 - Aired 04/25/2007

    It's "East Meets West" in this episode of MythBusters. Shrouded in secrecy and mythology, not to mention cult popularity, ninjas are perfect fodder for the MythBusters. The whole team joins forces to pit science against martial arts mystique. Can ninjas run on water as movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon would have us believe? In "Walking on Water," Adam, Jamie and a ninjitsu master try their luck at aquatic agility. And if that doesn't work, the boys get confrontational as they compete to see how ninjas - masters of illusion - could create the impression of water running. In "Samurai Swing," Kari, Tory and Grant find out if a ninja could stop a samurai sword with his bare hands. To avoid the sharp sting of steel the team devises a ninja rig to clap onto the sword, and it seems like this myth is all in the timing.

  • Birds in a Truck

    Birds in a Truck Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 8 - Aired 04/18/2007

    In "Birds in a Truck," Adam and Jamie tackle Sir Isaac Newton's founding principle of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of momentum. They're looking into a physics' classroom urban myth. If birds in a truck take flight do they lighten the load? Watch to see if the 'Busters will be outsmarted by a flock of pigeons ... Meanwhile, Grant, Tory and Kari become crime scene investigators. A photo found on the Net shows a speedboat impaled on a channel marker, almost neatly split in half. In an effort to get to the bottom of this watery fender bender, our intrepid CSI team goes on a high-speed joyride.

  • Voice Flame Extinguisher

    Voice Flame Extinguisher Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 7 - Aired 04/11/2007

    It's another hypnotic MythBusters episode, full of sound and fury, and guaranteed to have you spellbound. Grant, Tory and Kari go deeper ... deeper ... deeper into the world of hypnosis, while Adam and Jamie appear to be under some sort of influence as they make extraordinary noise in the name of science. In "Voice Flame Extinguisher," Jamie and Adam set out to discover if it's possible to put out a fire using only your voice. According to the myth, concentrated sound waves can prevent air from getting to the flames and, starved of oxygen, the fire dies. One thing's for sure, the boys' voices aren't gonna set the world on fire!

  • More Myths Reopened

    More Myths Reopened Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 6 - Aired 03/21/2007

    Every so often the MythBusters draw conclusions that leave the fans seething. Well, once again, it's time for Adam and Jamie to put some of their most contentious outcomes under the microscope in More Myths Revisited. That's right - tune in and check out a few myths that left you peeved, like Exploding Trombone, Sniper Scope, Finger in the Barrel and Coke and Mentos.

  • Dog Myths

    Dog Myths Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 5 - Aired 03/14/2007

    Is it possible to teach an Old Dog New Tricks? In attempt to find an answer Adam and Jamie go head to head with a pair of untrained dogs. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory look into the myth that you can Beat The Guard Dog.

  • Speed Cameras

    Speed Cameras Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 4 - Aired 03/07/2007

    Take two self-confessed speed freaks — yeah, that would be Adam and Jamie — and pit them against the people's nemesis: speed cameras. The result: an action-packed adventure full of fun, fascination and, best of all, fast cars. Can speed cameras be beat by speeding faster than they can click? How about using license plate protectors or changing lanes to avoid the camera's eagle eye? Adam and Jamie put the pedal to the metal to crack these myths. Meanwhile in "Exploding Nitro Patches," Kari, Grant and Tory explore the myth that when the paramedic shouts "Clear!" and the defibrillator vents, its volts may start more than a heart.

  • Underwater Car Escape

    Underwater Car Escape Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 3 - Aired 01/24/2007

    If you're unfortunate enough to drive your vehicle into the drink, is it possible to escape or will a watery grave be your fate? Heading poolside, the guys get their feet wet by doing some intensive underwater training. Then the pressure is on as they seat themselves inside a submerged car and do their darndest to get out. Meanwhile Grant, Tory and Kari roll out the Seven Paper Fold myth. Is it possible to fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times? Taking this myth to the outer limits, our crew sets up at a location that has plenty of space — NASA. Here, in the biggest build they have ever attempted, their mission is to put together a piece of paper that's the size of a football field.

  • Pirate Special

    Pirate Special Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 2 - Aired 01/17/2007

    2 Hour Special with 4 Pirate Themes Myths. They included whether the eyepatch would help you see in the dark, whether you could use a knife to slide down a sail, whether a canon ball killed more people compared to the splinters, and whether alcohol could be a good cleaner for laundry.

  • Hindenburg Mystery

    Hindenburg Mystery Edit this episode

    Season 5, Episode 1 - Aired 01/10/2007

    In this action-packed episode, Adam and Jamie turn dirigible detectives to try and solve one of aeronautics biggest puzzles: did hydrogen really cause the Hindenburg fire? Meanwhile Kari, Tory and Grant come face-to-face — and have to flee — from some of Nature's natural-born killers. See what unfolds as they test the saying: "If you're being chased by a crocodile, run in a zig-zag, because crocs can't turn corners at speed."