Murder in the Afternoon Edit

Aired on: Sun Oct 13 1985 Edit

Jessica's niece Nita loves her role on a long-standing daytime soap opera, but worries about her job security when her character turns out to be the serial killer. Before long it's Nita herself who needs to worry... Read More


Angela Lansbury, William Windom, Ron Masak, Louis Hertham, Tom Bosley

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Nicole Jackson
Murder, She Wrote

“Murder In The Afternoon”

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Murder, She Wrote

“il Vendicatore XD”

Eric Thompson
Darien S.N.
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Murder, She Wrote

“No me puedo separar de esto!”

Germán Diaz
Silvia Fabrizio
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Murder, She Wrote

“Yet, another one of Jessica's nieces. That's three, so far!”

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Murder, She Wrote

“Starting season 2 ”

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