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Aired on: Thu Jul 28 2011 Edit

Being kicked out of the mansion, Subaru turns to Jiro for a place to stay. Things pick up when Kureha returns from her trip early. Edit


Satoshi Hino (Sakamachi Kinjirou), Satoshi Hino (Konoe Subaru), Satoshi Hino (Suzutsuki Kanade), Kana Hanazawa (Sakamachi Kureha)

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Mayo Chiki!

“Rated it 3 out of 5 stars”

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Mayo Chiki!


Fikri auzi alhaq
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Mayo Chiki!

“Meido vs Shitsuji”

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Santiago Martinez
Guillermo Casas
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“I just added a Pick 'Em question: "Who makes the best of time off?" Tell me what you think or answer on Miso for iPhone!”

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Mayo Chiki!

“The sounds that Kureha makes when she thinks Subaru is going to kiss Kinjiro are so funny. Seriously could replay on loop.”

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