Pool Party (aka Pilot) Edit

Aired on: Fri Feb 02 2001 Edit

Lizzie and Miranda are ecstatic about being invited to a pool party given by their heartthrob, Danny Kessler. Mrs. McGuire is excited for Lizzie too until she finds out it's on the same day as grandma's 80th... Read More


Adam Lamberg, Hallie Todd, Hilary Duff, Jake Thomas, Lalaine, Robert Carradine

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Simona Viviani
almost 2 yearsReply
annisa h
Lizzie McGuire

“God,it brings all the memory :)”

Aggie Chelchowska
Samantha Sifontes
Lizzie McGuire

“por que el Pilot es el 4to episodio?”

Moni Wood-Davies
Lutfi Makarim

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