Break it Down! The Infinite Wall!! Edit

Aired on: Sun Feb 01 2009 Edit

With their firepower boosted by the addition of Kidou Yuuto, the team are ready to tackle Senbayama Junior High and their unbreakable defense. But unless they get their pass coordinated, all their hard work will... Read More


Takeuchi Junko as Endou Mamoru / Miyano Mamoru as Fubuki Shirou / Nojima Hirofumi as Gouenji Shuuya / Yoshino Hiroyuki as Kidou Yuuto

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Jose Maria
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“Kidou seguro que quiere ganarles y por eso se cambia de equipo, como si lo viera”

Javi Martos
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Inazuma Eleven

“25/07/2011 - DisneyXD (NL-DUB)”

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