Circling the Wagons Edit

Aired on: Thu Sep 13 2012 Edit

Jeff Hardy puts his shot at Austin Aries on the line, and Hulk Hogan is determined to find out how Aces and 8s keep showing up. Edit



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Ian Croft
about 2 yearsReply
Fife TV Junkie
Impact Wrestling

“Decent enough. Good move turning Tara Heel, shes always been better as that. The Aces and Eight finally feels like its building to something. 7/10”

Fife TV Junkie
Impact Wrestling

“Small slice before bed.... Darksiders 2 took way too much of my time :-s”

Adnan Behbehani
about 2 yearsReply
Mohsen Behbehani
The Steel Cage
Impact Wrestling

“Trying to convince myself I'm interested in Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy..”

Joshua Schlag
about 2 years via DIRECTVReply
Brian Alston
Impact Wrestling

“Wrestling Action”

about 2 yearsReply
about 2 yearsReply
Impact Wrestling

“Nvg (2)”

Don Owens
Jonathan Wong
Scott Smith
Impact Wrestling

“@IMPACTWRESTLING - Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy”

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