Primera Parte (1943-1958) Edit

Aired on: Mon Oct 01 2007 Edit

15 January 1993. Cosa nostra 'superboss' Salvatore Riina has been arrested after 23 years, and receives a visit in prison from his childhood friend, Biagio Schiarò, triggering a flashback. In 1943, as a boy of 13... Read More


2007 Created by Enzo Monteleone, Alexis Sweet. Starring Claudio Gioè: Salvatore Riina, Daniele Liotti: Biagio Schirò, Simona Cavallari: Teresa, Salvatore Lazzaro: Bernardo Provenzano, Marco Leonardi:... Read More

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el capo de corleone

Rated it 5 out of 5 stars ★★★★★

Oscar Gallardo
el capo de corleone


el capo de corleone

“Un po' di mafia...”

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