Kosoku: Makeshift Edit

Aired on: Wed Feb 28 2007 Edit

L has bugged the secret meeting in the Yotsuba corporation and the task force is divided between those who want to stop the killing by arresting the 7 members of the Yotsuba corporation and those who want to wait... Read More


Mamoru Miyano, Kappei Yamaguchi, Aya Hirano.

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Toxic Girl
Daniel Paiva
6 monthsReply
Death Note

“Siempre he sido muy de Light/Kira pero la inteligencia de L también es increíble. Qué dos pedazo de Pjs.”

Abraham Vazquez
Adam Bradbury
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8 monthsReply
Jesus Sanchez
Death Note

“Conflicts in the Yotsuba company, Wait or follow eliminating competition.”

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10 monthsReply
Gianluca Ricci
Erick Velazquez
Alwaleed Alomair
marianna f.
Mikey Fernandez
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