• Cari / Rebecca

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    Season 5, Episode 23 - Aired 10/26/2008

  • Cari & Rebecca

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    Season 5, Episode 22 - Aired 10/26/2008

    Cari Sheriff, a "Country Chic" gal from Piedmont, SC, faces an uphill battle to pull off the rustic, outdoor wedding of her dreams. She fears her sister’s poofy pink dress will outshine her bridal gown. Her fiancé sneaks off to go turkey hunting the morning of the wedding. Two wedding party members drop out only hours before the ceremony. And to top it all off, when she arrives at the venue, it’s raining. Beachwood, NJ girl Rebecca Dimone is one butch bride. She prefers belching, spitting and paintball to makeup, hairspray and pedicures. But when it comes to her Irish/Scottish wedding, she’s a testy, tartan-loving Bridezilla, demanding all the men wear kilts!

  • DeShawn & Cari

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    Season 5, Episode 21 - Aired 10/19/2008

    New Orleans bride DeShawn Smith goes on a relentless hunt for the lady who she believes is out to steal her fiance. She accuses practically everyone in her bridal party... even her own mother! On her wedding day, she is such a high maintenance terror at the salon, that the stylists stage a mutiny! It’s not until her mother drags her out of the salon that DeShawn finally leaves and the stylists are happy to see her go. DeShawn’s mother left the salon in such a rush, that two bridesmaids get left behind! Carolina country girl, Cari Sheriff dreams of a rustic, yet elegant, wedding in the never-before-heard style of “Country Chic.” Her wedding venue is so old school that there’s no running water, but not to worry, she’s rented “porto-potties.” Cari frets over every tiny detail concerning her special day: she has just lost her pastor and seems in no particular hurry to find a replacement.

  • Amanda & DeShawn

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    Season 5, Episode 20 - Aired 10/12/2008

    Bride Amanda Wadsworth, from Boston thinks she owes $80 for her wedding, but that is because she forgot to mail the $3000 earlier. When given the total bill she uses all her cunning to weasel out of paying. She is found out and ordered to pay the bill or there will be no wedding. Then, bride DeShawn Smith of New Orleans believes someone is trying to steal her fiance. DeShawn becomes so jealous after her sister spreads a rumor that there will be strippers at his bachelor party that she pays a visit to a voodoo priest to find the truth.

  • Shanteca & Amanda

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    Season 5, Episode 19 - Aired 10/05/2008

    Shanteca Perry of Bakersfield is a true spoiled brat. She dislikes one of her bridesmaids hair color and phones her to have it removed. She also loves making a grand entrance by being late, but no one is allowed to do the same to her. When she arrives late for her wedding rehearsal, she finds the crew fooling around and causes such a scene that the wedding is nearly called off. Amanda Wadsworth from Boston, is shrewd. Having forgotten to cancel the huge flower order, she has her mother lie to them on the phone about the wedding having been canceled.

  • Dona and Shanteca

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    Season 5, Episode 18 - Aired 09/28/2008

    Dona Carlo should not be too surprised when her beach wedding sees rain since it is in New Jersey, but she has been denying anything bad will happen and has not made any alternate ideas. Now she must frantically race to find a back up plan before her wedding day is called for rain. Next, Shanteca Perry of Bakersfield, knows how to get what she wants, act like a crying, whiny child...who will resort to sucking her thumb.

  • Vanessa and Dona

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    Season 5, Episode 17 - Aired 09/21/2008

    Vanessa continues to promise confrontation, threatening that a security team will bounce her fiancé’s family from the wedding, should they show their faces. Not likely, if you ask us. Dona is perhaps merely an actual bridezilla, though she’s a big spender and a stickler for. Absolute. Perfection!

  • Jennifer and Vanessa

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    Season 5, Episode 16 - Aired 09/14/2008

    We’ve had fake-y bridezillas, whiny bridezillas, evil bridezillas, and now ... the crazy bridezillas. Specifically, Jennifer. Boy, does this woman need medication. And diction coaching. We also meet Vanessa – she’s going for the record in pissing off her entire acquaintance before she weds.

  • Misty and Jennifer

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    Season 5, Episode 15 - Aired 09/07/2008

    Misty and Carlos return, with what, on a non-reality show, would be a comedy of errors: forgotten favors, ill-placed reception “facilities,” and a farcical bachelorette party (though it HAD to be better than Megan and Cory’s). Jennifer mumbles through a dress crime and a very sorry bridal shower.

  • Megan and Misty

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    Season 5, Episode 14 - Aired 08/31/2008

    If you didn’t already think that Megan was abusive, then this episode should make it clear. She proclaims she owns Cory AND she’ll be cutting him off from his friends post-wedding. Run, dude! Fiancé Carlos makes Misty a bridezilla – his controlling nature is enough to push any woman over the edge!

  • Megan and Celinda

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    Season 5, Episode 13 - Aired 08/24/2008

    Megan looks to put herself in the running for BBB (Bridezillas Biggest B****) in the second of her three episodes. Otherwise, there’s nothing winning about this gal. Celinda proves to be selfish and clingy, crashing her fiancé’s bachelor party and buying stuff for herself instead of her ’maids.

  • Tanesha and Megan

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    Season 5, Episode 12 - Aired 08/17/2008

    Looks like Tanesha’s got the trophy wife thing down pat: she quits her job to better plan her wedding. She may have the insecurity that probably comes with being a TW, too, as she’s not sure that DeWayne will even attend the wedding. We also meet Megan, and she’s about as bossy as they come.

  • Kristen and Tanesha

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    Season 5, Episode 11 - Aired 08/10/2008

    Insecure Kristen gets married, expecting to be a star, but having to edge out her mother, daughter, and a missing nephew to do so. Trophy-wife Tanesha is worried that a CAKE might upstage her. And she ignores advice to help control her assets in her gown; unpleasant boobage is sure to be the result.

  • Kristen and Brandi

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    Season 5, Episode 10 - Aired 08/03/2008

    Quirky Brandi is back for more fun! She treats herself to fried chicken and a pedicure, and begs donations from rehearsal dinner guests. We finally get an official “Momzilla” this episode, as we’re introduced to Kristen, whose mother is both over-bearing and spotlight-stealing.

  • Brandi and Dawn

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    Season 5, Episode 9 - Aired 07/27/2008

    Is it cold in here? Oh, that must be Dawn. The way the woman treats her poor fiancé is pretty chilling. If he “can’t do anything right,” why doesn’t she end his misery and call off the darn wedding already? However, equally – or perhaps more – gross is new face Brandi’s behavior.

  • Dawn and Monica

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    Season 5, Episode 8 - Aired 07/20/2008

    Dawn is the new bride viewers are subjected to this week. She’s attempting to completely make over her fiancé before the wedding. (Maybe she should just marry someone else?) Monica’s arc ends, as one bridesmaid blow-up and one bikini wax later, she moves into the honorable ranks of Bridezillas past.

  • Monica and Lisa

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    Season 5, Episode 7 - Aired 07/13/2008

    Lisa’s over-the-top drama comes to an end this week (finally). Hope it helps your acting resume, babe. We meet lovely Monica, who will not allow anyone to upstage her, ensured by means of ugly bridesmaids’ dresses and new hair color for mom. Yeah, we get it – it’s all about YOU.

  • Lisa and Youmika

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    Season 5, Episode 6 - Aired 07/06/2008

    Lisa is shaping up to be a bridezilla of the highest order, as viewers are subjected to more of her screaming. About everything. And biker girl Youmika needs to bear in mind that those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones when it comes to making fun of others’ looks.

  • Katrina and Lisa

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    Season 5, Episode 5 - Aired 06/29/2008

    New bride Lisa isn’t such a new bride: it’s her 3rd wedding, and she’s married this groom before. Since the Season 5 women appear to be ’zillas for life instead of just BRIDEzillas, one wonders why he’s re-marrying her. Katrina squeezes into her original dress, and is off our TVs at last.

  • Katrina and Janelle

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    Season 5, Episode 4 - Aired 06/22/2008

    Katrina from last week is back, and she’s eating her way to a new wedding dress. She also menaces her own fiancé with a pair of scissors. Charming, this girl. Janelle alternately freaks out and sulks, but manages to get her wedding done and off our screens in one episode.

  • Kenya and Katrina

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    Season 5, Episode 3 - Aired 06/15/2008

    Let’s just say this episode was NOT brought to you by Victoria’s Secret, or even Hanes. In what appears to be a show trend, improperly-fitted gowns and an apparent lack of undergarments are in evidence, stealing the show at Kenya’s wedding. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t smile once the entire time.

  • Jennifer / Kenya

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    Season 5, Episode 2 - Aired 06/08/2008

    New bride Kenya gets her friend Debbie to coordinate the wedding ... for free. A shouting match at the rehearsal is the pretty much inevitable outcome. Meanwhile, Jenni may not be such a catch for Sean, as both his dad AND his mom wish that Sean wasn’t marrying her.

  • Ayesha / Jennifer

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    Season 5, Episode 1 - Aired 06/01/2008

    {Season Premiere} They’re ba-aaack! Welcome to the fifth season of Bridezillas. This time, according to WE, families and friends strike back! While the charming intro music is missing this season, fear not: all the Bridezilla crazy we’ve come to know and mock is in full effect.