Breaking Bad

  • A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal

    A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 7 - Aired 03/09/2008

    Production problems arise immediately as Walter and Jesse do business with a new partner in crime, causing them to attempt to steal from a chemical supply house. Meanwhile, Marie shows a different side of herself as she throws Skylar a baby shower and gives her an unusual gift.

  • Crazy Handful of Nothin'

    Crazy Handful of Nothin' Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 6 - Aired 03/02/2008

    Walter cooks up even more crystal meth than ever with Jesse as he needs money for his chemotherapy treatments. Meanwhile, Skinny Pete gives Jesse a new important contact, as the DEA beefs up its investigation of Albuquerque's new drug kingpin.

  • Gray Matter

    Gray Matter Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 5 - Aired 02/24/2008

    Walter is offered a new job while attending a birthday party for a successful former science colleague. Jesse finds himself unsuccessful at finding a legitimate job and ends up back to cooking up meth, and an inferior product at that. Skyler tries to get Walter into chemotherapy by gathering his family for an intervention, but he is worried about their financial difficulties and what his quality of life will be like.

  • Cancer Man

    Cancer Man Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 4 - Aired 02/17/2008

    Walter breaks the news to the whole family about his lung cancer. Evidence from the desert convinces the DEA that a new big time drug dealer has come to Albuquerque. Walter's anger boils over against a obnoxious yuppie. Jesse's paranoia sends him home to visit his parents.

  • ...And the Bag's in the River

    ...And the Bag's in the River Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 3 - Aired 02/10/2008

    Walter fights with Jesse over his drug use, causing him to leave Walter alone with their captive, Krazy-8. Meanwhile, Hank has a scared straight moment with Walter Jr. after his aunt discovers he has been smoking pot. Also, Skylar is upset when Walter stays away from home.

  • Cat's in the Bag...

    Cat's in the Bag... Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 2 - Aired 01/27/2008

    After the incident in the desert, Walter and Jesse are left with several problems to solve, and neither are anxious to begin. Skyler becomes suspicious of Walter due to his recent unusual behavior.

  • Pilot

    Pilot Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 1 - Aired 01/20/2008

    A mild mannered teacher of high school chemistry learns he has contracted lung cancer and decides to undertake a new career in the manufacture of crystal meth as a way of guaranteeing financial solvency for his wife and son after his death.

  • Pilot (Extended Version)

    Pilot (Extended Version) Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 0 - Aired 01/20/2008

    When an unassuming high school chemistry teacher discovers he has a rare form of lung cancer, he decides to team up with a former student and create a top of the line crystal meth in a used RV, to provide for his family once he is gone.