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In the aftermath of family tragedy, Ben tries to take his child out of the Murder House. Meanwhile, Violet and Vivien accustom themselves to their new living arrangements, Constance raises Tate's child as her own... Read More


Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Zachary Quinto, Dylan McDermott, Taissa Farmiga, Denis O'Hare, Robin Bartlett, Jamie Brewer, Alexandra Breckenridge, Connie Britton, Joseph... Read More

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Rene F Morales
American Horror Story

“Closing up this season”

Giorgia Serto
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Giorgia Serto
Giorgia Serto replied on Giorgia Serto's link
7 days

Mh... Diciamo che non è esattamente il mio genere, ma in mancanza di altro...

Jestefany Dominguez
Jestefany Dominguez replied on Giorgia Serto's link
6 days

Eh immaginavo XD

Andrea Maderna
American Horror Story

“Vediamo come va a finire.”

Fernando Manresa
Thilo Wetzel
American Horror Story

“Ich hoffe ja schwer, dass sich das Balg als eiskalter Kettensägenkiller entpuppt, sonst muss ich das hier sofort einstellen ...#horrormyass”

Edgar Pimentel
about 1 monthReply
Pablo Andrés
American Horror Story

“Capítulo freaky, we meet again xDDD”

Riley Witzigreuter
about 1 monthReply
American Horror Story

“Lieto fine....mhà, potevano farlo un po' diverso”

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