Never Say Die Heavy Metal 1970 - 1991 Edit

Aired on: Mon Jan 04 2010 Edit

The story of the longest surviving and certainly the loudest genre of rock, heavy metal. With no sign of disappearing, metal has been the most controversial and misunderstood of all rock genres. Emerging at the... Read More


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Alejandro Garrido
7 Ages of Rock

“A cabecear!”

7 Ages of Rock

“Ahora viene lo pesado!”

Gregory Cruz
7 Ages of Rock

“Metallica!!! ”

Paulina Valadez
7 Ages of Rock

“Never Say Die Heavy Metal 1970 - 1991!”

Marta Quilez India
7 Ages of Rock

“La gente hace cola para ver películas de miedo en el cine... porque no hacemos música que de miedo? Dijeron los Black Sabbath y así nació el Heavy Metal”

Lynne Jackson

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