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Sharing just got easier with Miso.

For the first time Miso can now talk directly to your TV!

This means no more fumbling to search for the show you are watching, or trying to figure out what episode is playing. If you are a DIRECTV customer with an Internet-enabled receiver, just take out your iPhone, open up Miso and it connects to your DIRECTV receiver.

Miso will show you what's on your TV and as you change the channel, Miso changes with it. Then just tap and share, it’s that easy.

Setup in 3 Easy Steps.

  1. Make sure your iPhone’s WiFi is turned on and you are connected to your home network. This should be the same network your DIRECTV receiver is connected to.
  2. Open Miso and it will automatically look for receivers in your house. If you’ve never enabled sharing just follow the simple instructions in the app using your remote.
  3. Tap a receiver to connect and Miso will sync and display what is on your TV. If you want to change to a receiver in a different room, just tap the sync icon and tap the new receiver.

Questions? Need help?

Drop us a line at support@gomiso.com.

Download the free iPhone app now.