Miso and Showtime present a new, synced experience for Dexter

Miso and Showtime are coming together to bring you a new second screen experience for Dexter! Every Sunday starting October 2nd at 9pm ET/PT for the season 6 premiere, you’ll be able to embark on a rich experience synchronized to-the-minute as you’re watching!

We are making it easier for you to

  • Share an opinion about what just happened
  • Make predictions about what Dexter will do next
  • See the funniest quotes from Deb
  • Get cool info about characters and other aspects of the show
  • Simply share your fandom...and More!

If you’re connected through DIRECTV, the experience will begin automatically once you start watching the show. If not, you can enjoy the same experience by pressing the Play Button.

This will be available for every episode this season. Enhance your Dexter experience with Miso and download the free iPhone app now.