Welcome to the Miso Developers API!

Miso's REST API enables developers to access relevant information in real time about shows, movies, users, checkins and more from your consumer website or mobile application provided that you follow our API Terms of Service.

The Miso API uses many of same standards as other API's and web services you are familiar with. Miso utilizes the common REST Standards. All requests are simple HTTP requests with the verb specifying the type of action (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) although most of the requests can be utilized with GET and POST for simplicity.

In addition, Miso utilizes the well-documented OAuth 1.0 strategy for authentication. For a beginner's guide to OAuth, check out the excellent Hueniverse Beginner's Guide to OAuth.

The easiest way to begin using the Miso is to read the Getting Started guide which explains the process of getting your API key and then checkout the Endpoints listing for detailed documentation on the functionality exposed to your application.

The API Terms of Service covers the acceptable use of the service and API. Beyond the legalities, please design your applications to use Miso considerately by limiting the frequency of requests and including a User-Agent header. If you find a problem with the service or API, please let us know about the issue. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact api@gomiso.com.

For general questions, announcements, and discussion about the API, please use the misoapi Google Group. For direct contact, email api@gomiso.com